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  • Expansion joints (Ball joints) used for Steam Injection: Ball Joints provide a method for absorbing pipe movement for applications like Steam Injection, wave motion compensation on oil platforms and drill ships, oil well riser expansion etc.



Screw pump

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  • Communication cables
  • Fittings, Nuts, Bolts & Connectors

Drill bits


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  • Drilling Equipments

Sub Surface Safety Valve (SSSV)

  • Casing & tubings
  • Stimulation & Acid Cleaning Chemicals

  • Completion & Production: Some equipment which are needed for proper completion and extraction of hydrocarbons that we deal with are Pumps and Flow control valves.

  • Artificial lift components

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2" Thermal Swivel Joint

Drill Pipe

Hydraulic lift - reciprocating pump

  • Safety Products (Gloves, Coverall etc.)


Gear pump

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  • Well head safety equipments



  • Drilling: We specialize in supply of almost any drilling equipments such as drill pipes, drill bits, pup joints, HWDP, drill collars, stabilizers, jars, subs, rotary kelly, drilling safety valves, risers, landing strings etc.

  • Pressure Vessels, Flame Arrestors
  • Completion & Production Equipments

Why PetroDyn ?

Centrifugal surface Pump

  • Industrial Chemicals & Drilling Fluids

  • Full Suite of Artificial Lift: We have a joint venture with one of the industry leaders for the products of Artificial Lift. We offer a full suite of Artificial Lift products and services along with experts in every kind of production optimization to help you reach your goals in the most cost effective manner.

Are you looking for oilfield equipment or parts?

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PetroDyn is the premier supply company of equipment and parts for oilfield. Our personnel have extensive experience in this field so you can count on getting the right part. Our supply network reaches hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers located all over the world. We can provide but not limited to the following products:


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